Francisco Balbuena Dal Forno

Attorney, enrolled in  OAB/RS (Bar Association) with  number 61,808, graduated in Law from  Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis in 2004, partner of Cravo, Pastl and Balbuena Associated Attorneys, postgraduate  in Sports Law from the Brazilian Institute of Sports Law (IBDD) / National Institute of Legal Studies (INEJ), member of the Special Committee on Legislation and Sports Law of OAB/RS, President and founding member of the Rio Grande do Sul’s Sports Law Institute (IDDRS).







Law firm address:

Rua Vinte e Quatro de Outubro, 1435 | CEP 90510-003
Porto Alegre | Rio Grande do Sul | Brazil


Telephone: + 55 51 30799700
Fax: + 55 51 30799701

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